Japanese Ring Puzzle is good with sandwiches

While you are busy with your newly updated sandwich’s recipes. Here I am scratching my head to solve the notorious Japanese Ring Puzzle freshly bought from Garage9.

I got to know this wooden disentanglement from a hilarious video clip on Youtube.

What is Japanese Ring Puzzle?

For some of you who don’t have enough patience to watch through the clip ’til the end, this brain teaser is a handcrafted wooden puzzle, from which your challenge is to move the metal ring from one bead to another bead.

Sound easy?

japanese ring puzzle

The red and green ball Japanese puzzle is torturing my humble brain. Helppppppp ……

I quickly grabbed this ring and rope puzzle last 2 weeks, and recently got it yesterday. The best thing is that it comes with absolutely FREE shipping offer.

Here is the link I make my purchase:

Japanese Ring Puzzle (Video + FREE shipping)

24 hours have passed and I am still beating myself of not being able to make any progression. I know there is a hinted solution on the site. However, heck no! I will solve it on my own.

On a second thought, solving this wooden puzzle is harder than making a bacon ham cheese sandwiches for my Golden Retriever!

How is the Japanese Ring Puzzle made?

I received puzzle in a cardboard box, around 8” x 4” x 4″. Inside, my brain teaser toy was carefully wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap.

Garage9 makes the puzzle mostly from wood, except for the metal ring that you have to move between the two beads.

At the first sight, it looks really sturdy and high quality. You can tell by touching the wooden base, stick and two colored beads painted in two different colors (usually green and red).

The puzzle is lightweight enough for you to carry around, and make fun of any friends who attempt to mock at you.

To be honest, I have been cooking my great sandwiches while thinking of how to solve the puzzle for more than 24 hours.

It is indeed a great conversation starter. My daughter, who often ignores me at her best, suddenly asks me what I am doing. This gives me a chance to explain the puzzle and build up our bond.

She was at one time too bored with me talking non-stop about sandwiches.

Overall, I personally feel this Japanese Ring Puzzle is a good steal. It’s not only a great conversation starter but also a very educational toy to train your determination.

I got a discount code FB5 for a special price – not sure it still worked or not. You can try it out.


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