Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker good?

Product Name:Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker
Brand:Hamilton Beach
Size:16.3" x 13.3" x 5.8"
Weight:3.2 pounds
Price Range:$
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In my previous post, I reviewed one of the most popular sandwich maker on the market invented by Hamilton Beach (I even make a dedicated infographic for it :D). In this post, I will introduce you to arguably the best Panini Maker by picking up the infamous Hamilton Beach. I hope you will find this review about Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker useful and grab one for your next breakfast.

What is Panini by the way?

Well, if you are one of those who are wondering what does it mean by “panini”, then it’s just another name for sandwich, like ‘banh mi’ in Vietnam or ‘doner kebab’ in Turkey. 1% of Americans eat at least 1 panini every 2 weeks, according to a scientific study.

Here is the Wikipedia definition for Panini

In Italy, panino (Italian pronunciation: [paˈniːno]) is the word for a sandwich made from bread other than sliced bread, in which case Italians call it a tramezzino.

Now get back to our Hamilton Beach 25450 panini maker:

Hamilton Beach has positioned itself very well in home appliance segment and it’s extremely popular in households across America, Canada and Mexico. People admire the quality of the products from this company and it’s because Hamilton Beach understands the needs of people and produces great products through innovation and quality control.

If you are looking for a convenient Panini maker with an upright storage design, you should want to go through Hamilton Beach Panini Maker review. After comparing the product features with other brands and models, you will be able to settle for the best.

This particular model I am reviewing today is built with stainless steel material. The deli-styles grilled Panini can be deployed at home so that Gourmet sandwich can be prepared in an effortless manner. With non-stick gridspower and preheat lights, you can certainly make the most of the maker.

Hamilton Beach 25450: Features and Descriptions

Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker is a Gourmet sandwich press which is intended for home use. The deli styled grilled Panini has a floating lid so that even contact will be made in the thick as well as thin sandwiches.

Hamilton Beach 25450

The measurements of the non-stick grid are 8.5” x 12”. It has power and pre-heat lights. With a locking lid and upright storage design, you can be sure that you have invested in something which is of great quality.

The dimensions of the unit are 16.3” x 13.3” x 5.8”. The weight of the unit is 1 pound. The product comes with 2 year warranty. You will be able to prepare various kinds of delicious items including deli-like Panini.

The unit will let you prepare various kinds of items from single slice ham sandwiches to high turkey grinders. The ingredients get heated through the grill.

The crispy outer crust is created through the melting of the cheese. Right kind of fit is obtained by the floating lid as it slides and swivels in an appropriate manner.

Using the Hamilton Beach 25450 panini maker

The lid will be kept in upright position through the locking function. Thus, you can prepare open space snacks as well. The grill plates can be cleaned in an efficient manner. The grill plates are coated with a wipe-down non-stick coating.

You should ensure that ingredients are spread evenly so that you get the desired results.

A bunch of stuff should not be thrown into the middle. The ingredients should be laid evenly across the sandwich.

If you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, it is possible to prepare high quality sandwiches in an effortless manner. It will not take much time to heat the Panini Maker.

As soon as it reaches the cooking temperature, the green light will glow.

The machine will be ready for operation by the time you keep all the ingredients ready to keep inside the unit.

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  • Delicious deli-like Panini – It is possible to prepare highly delicious deli-like Panini by using the Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker
  • High quality grilled cheese and hot sandwiches – You can prepare high quality grilled cheese and hot sandwiches by using the Panini Maker
  • Sandwiches of various sizes – The unit will let you prepare the sandwiches of various sizes in an efficient manner
  • Robust design – The unit comes with robust chrome housing. It is prepared with durable plastic material


  • Cannot be used to fry eggs or pancakes – As the plates come with very fine ribbing, you cannot use Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker to fry eggs and pancakes
  • Should spread ingredients evenly – Although this is not a disadvantage, it’s an additional caution you need to take while using the product

* The plates are not flat because they are not supposed to be! I know one reviewer commented that they hated it because its not flat. This is a PANINI machine and not a griddle.

Hamilton Beach 25450

Tips & tricks

I have limited space in my kitchen so I use the Panini Maker 25450 as a toaster and quesadilla maker to do plenty of cool things such as reheating cold pizza, adding grill marks to breakfast burritos, and of course a Panini press.

This thing gets (very) hot quickly. I would recommend making your sandwiches or whatever you want to heat up like this: put the food on the press cold (press unplugged) and then plug the press in. This way everything slowly heats up.

You will not end up with burning the outsides while having cold fillings inside. I also noticed that by the time the indicator light turns green my meal is done.

When it comes to reheating pizza, I put my slices in and lock the lid just BARELY above the pizza (using the locking knob on the side). The lid hovers over the pizza and it makes the bottom crusty and the top bubbly.

I have found that some pizzas from local joints actually taste better reheated this way, the next day, than they do fresh. I make toast very similar to this too.

Breakfast burritos hold together really well after they are grilled. Make your burrito, and put it on the press so the end of the wrap is facing down. This will help seal it. Give it a light press and turn the power on.


The sandwich maker will not disappoint you. It comes with great design. You can store it either vertically or horizontally as per your needs. In between the uses, side clamp will ensure that it is shut.

The power and pre-heating is denoted through two indicator lights present on the unit. The space efficient design will help you prepare high quality dishes from the comforts of your home.

With all these benefits and affordable price, we give a thumbs up to this one. Great job Hamilton!

Ah, and if you love to try different combination ideas for your next delicious panini, you cannot afford to not visit this post. À bientôt!

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