Best 9 sandwiches maker in 2018

Howdy from the team at Sandwichclub’s! Today let’s dive into the world of sandwich and discover the best sandwiches maker that we can grab on the market. Shall we?

Best 9 sandwiches maker in 2018 (and beyond)

Our team at Sandwichclub’s love to rigorously experience a lot of decent sandwiches maker to make sure that we can get the perfect golden glow. Grilled cheese, cheese toastie, toasted sarnie – you name it, we make it!

However, there are some questions you have to ask yourself in advance: How big do you like your gadget to be? How many sandwiches you want to cook at the same time … one, two or three (if possible)? What is the best sandwich maker deal on the market that you may find? 

Hold on, more on that later …

Let’s take on step back from the machine and learn how to make perfect sandwich toasties. Patrick Dwyer from Deeney’s, a London-based food stall famed for its Haggis toasties once explains to IndyBest “At Deeney’s our toasties nearly always contain a sweet element like a chutney or caramelized onions, which work really well with melted cheese. At the same time we add a spicy, sharp ingredient like mustard to cut through the sweetness and complement the meat.

“You want the ingredients to be evenly distributed, so you get each of the flavours coming through in each bite,” he adds. “The bread needs to be fresh, but strong and able to absorb all those flavours.”

In short, a balanced combination of flavor is a key to your perfect sandwich. 

Good advice, indeed. We’d like to add that although it’s tempting, try not to overfill the sandwich, otherwise you run the risk of your fillings falling out, and no one wants that. If you’re using it as a single ingredient, you shouldn’t need more then 60g of cheese, and less if combining with others. Perhaps most important of all (although we never manage to heed this advice ourselves), do try and give it a couple of minutes out of the machine if you want to prevent third degree burns to your tongue. 

Without further ado, let’s review our 10 best sandwiches maker of … our time!

1. T-fal EZ Clean Sandwich & Waffle Maker

Each of these machines from Tefal comes with both a toasted triangle sandwich plate and a waffle grill plate as standard, which can be easily swapped over depending on what’s on the menu.

But if you get bored with those two, there are a whopping 16 grill plates to collect, including ones for bagels, biscuits and even doughnuts.

The extra plates can be bought separately, and come in a box-set case, which makes storing them easy as you grow your collection.

The plates had an effective non-stick coating and our sandwiches came out well but were quite shallow so be careful not to overfill. Unlike some of the other models, this had an on/off switch which is handy if you want to leave the machine plugged in to the mains.

2. Dualit 00499 Sandwich Cage

This is a good value, useful addition if you already own a Dualit toaster (believe me, you cannot go wrong with this monster), and you’d rather not add another bulky piece of kit to your kitchen.

The Dualit sandwich cage allows you to create lightly toasted sandwiches – but don’t expect the same oozy, melty toastie you’ll get from the classic machines. Working best with medium to thinly sliced bread, be careful not to overfill if you don’t want to spend the rest of your afternoon fishing the remnants out from the crumb tray. Well made, the handles remained cool enough to handle throughout the cooking time. The cages don’t go in the dishwasher though so be prepared to wash by hand.

3. Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker

Hamilton Beach has positioned itself very well in home appliance segment and it’s extremely popular in households across America, Canada and Mexico. People admire the quality of the products from this company and it’s because Hamilton Beach understands the needs of people and produces great products through innovation and quality control.

Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker is a Gourmet sandwich press which is intended for home use. The deli styled grilled Panini has a floating lid so that even contact will be made in the thick as well as thin sandwiches …

We have a nice review about Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Maker here.

4. Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster

This neat kitchen gadget is extremely useful for someone without a regular kitchen (like dorm room or office) and it is super easy to clean up. From my experiences, you can use the sandwich maker for different purposes (beside making real hot sandwiches).sandwich toaster

For instances, you may cook small meat servings, toast multi-sized breads, heat up frozen waffles, or even make eggs …

We have a detailed review about the Proctor Silex 25408 sandwiches maker here.

5. Hamilton Beach 25475A sandwich maker

The most important aspect for the Hamilton Beach 25475A is the ability to customize sandwich breakfast for people of all ages, moods and sometimes (genders).

For instance, I find making cheese, chocolate and chipotle sandwich for picky kids is brilliant, while preparing a street-food styled of Korean toasted egg sandwich is absolutely good trick to wow my partner …

We have a fabulous review about the Hamilton Beach 25475A here.


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